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False positive on airgear.store

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A customer of ours who uses Malwarebytes sent a screen shot of the software reporting our domain airgear.store as a "phishing site".

Airgear.store is a Shopify store that has been operating at this domain since October 2022. There is no phishing or similar activity occurring here.


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Thanks for your reply, and I know it was meant to be helpful.

For context, as a store owner and not someone who uses Malwarebytes, the difference between a "Malwarebytes issue" and a "Browser Guard issue" doesn't really mean anything to me.  I'm just a guy trying to make a living, whose site has been unjustly blocked by a multi-million dollar international corporation. I'm losing customers because of a slander about my business, and I have no idea when this will be corrected.

From scanning the many past threads in this forum, it seems that Malwarebytes blocks a lot of legitimate sites. Each of the small business owners are forced to come here, sign up for an account, and then post a plea to have the unfair block removed. It's an unfair burden on innocent small business owners—and that's assuming we find out about it.

One would hope the company staff are trying a bit harder to avoid blocking legitimate sites. For example, blocking Shopify stores such as mine is unnecessary. Sellers are unable to post malware on their Shopify stores, and Shopify itself already has procedures and policies to prevent abusive use. 

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10 minutes ago, AIRGEAR said:

One would hope the company staff are trying a bit harder to avoid blocking legitimate sites.

After MB improved the phishing heuristic detection mechanisms in Browser Guard, there was a misconfiguration that caused a number of legitimate pages to be detected.

The fix is still being worked on and sites are having to be whitelisted manually in the interim.

I have tagged the appropriate team members for your issue.


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