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malwarebytes and Defender shutting off bythemselves

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Hi all,

ive been using your software for a month or two and ive had a couple of times both antiviruses get shut off by themselves.

I looked into it and followed the directions on downloading support tool, running the scan and i have attached the the zip file.

im pretty anxious as i have had massive issues in the past.

i hope you can take a look and tell me what u find.


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graet thanks for the automated reply,

i did all of that already and ill attach the file again as i see that many people have to repeat that step since maybe not many people look into what has to be done before posting..


please take all ok at both of them since the second one took twice as long to upload... no external drives on this computer. Windows 10 pro os on an older hp computer.


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  • Root Admin

Hello @CH8M4

Please run the following fix


NOTE: Please read all of the information below before running this fix.

  • NOTICE: This script was written specifically for this user, for use on this particular machine.
  • Running this on another machine may cause damage to your operating system that cannot be undone.

Once the fix has been completed, please attach the file FIXLOG.TXT to your next reply

Farbar program:   FRSTEnglish.exe

Save the attached file:  FIXLIST.TXT to this folder C:\Users\DESKTOP #1\Downloads\

NOTE. It's important that both files, FRSTEnglish.exe, and fixlist.txt are in the same location or the fix will not work.

Please make sure you disable any real-time antivirus or security software before running this script. Once completed, make sure you re-enable it.



Run the Farbar program with Admin rights and press the Fix button just once and wait.

The fix may possibly take up to 60 minutes to complete

If the tool needs a restart please make sure you let the system restart normally and let the tool complete its run after restart.
The tool will make a log named Fixlog.txt in the same folder you ran the Farbar program from. Please attach that log on your next reply.


  1. NOTE:  This fix will run a scan to check that all Microsoft operating system files are valid and not corrupt and attempt to correct any invalid files. It will also run a disk check on the restart to ensure disk integrity.
  2. NOTE: As part of this fix all temporary files will be removed. If you have any open web pages that have not been bookmarked please make sure you bookmark them now as all open applications may be automatically closed. Also, make sure you know the passwords for all websites as cookies will also be removed in most, but not all cases.
  3. NOTE: As part of this fix, it will also reset the network to default settings including the firewall. If you have custom firewall rules you need to save please export or save them first before running this fix.

The following directories are emptied:

  • Windows Temp
  • Users Temp folders
  • Edge, IE, FF, Chrome, and Opera caches, HTML5 storages, Cookies and History
  • Recently opened files cache
  • Discord cache
  • Java cache
  • Steam HTML cache
  • Explorer thumbnail and icon cache
  • BITS transfer queue (qmgr*.dat files)
  • Recycle Bin

Important: items are permanently deleted. They are not moved to quarantine. If you have any questions or concerns please ask before running this fix.

The system will be rebooted after the fix has run.




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thanks for the reply. It says to ask questions before i do the above instructions and i have numerous so here goes.

Is this a common occurrence that u see from customers?

do i disconnect my Ethernet cable at anytime during this fix, i ask because u say to DISABLE all antivirus before running this fix so if i am still connected to the interent, wont i be massively vulnerable?

the frstenglish app (FASTBAR) i run is the same one that was downloaded yesterday as part of the support tool that resides currently in my download folder?

sorry i need instructions for a total nooberhead. step by step.

do you need screen shots of both my security notifications i recieved about how bith my antiviruses are off?

thanks for the help!


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  • Root Admin
11 hours ago, CH8M4 said:

Is this a common occurrence that u see from customers?

Unfortunately yes. There are a couple of infections that do target Windows Defender and Windows Update and damages their services often.

do i disconnect my Ethernet cable at anytime during this fix, i ask because u say to DISABLE all antivirus before running this fix so if i am still connected to the interent, wont i be massively vulnerable?

No, you do not disable the Ethernet cable. You only need to disable real-time Antiivirus if it affects the Farbar scanner. Most do not but some do.

the frstenglish app (FASTBAR) i run is the same one that was downloaded yesterday as part of the support tool that resides currently in my download folder?

Yes, that is the one. It should be named:  FRSTEnglish.exe

sorry i need instructions for a total nooberhead. step by step.

The instruction are rather Step-by-Step

  1. Save the attached FIXLIST.TXT file to your downloads folder. Often you can right-click and select Save-As
  2. Find FRSTEnglish.exe in your Downloads folder and right-click over it and select "Run as administrator"
  3. On the program find and click the FIX button. Follow the onscreen instructions
  4. Find and attach the final FIXLOG.TXT file when done.


do you need screen shots of both my security notifications i recieved about how bith my antiviruses are off?

No I don't need. If you only have Windows Defender then leave it alone

thanks for the help!

You're welcome @CH8M4





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Hey thanks for the awesome answers.

I still have a couple... cause i am petrified from your response to say "infection"

You said this is an Infection and not a improper set up of my computer?

How could i get an infection so soon after signing up for malware-bytes premium?

And why did it not get picked up by malware-bytes scans?

So that its totally clear said to keep my Ethernet cable plugged in with an internet connection when i run the fix the whole time after disabling my MALWARE BYTES anti virus

AND also disabling Windows Defender leaving me completely exposed? I ask this because u said to leave defender alone but i have the premium malwarebytes so....

Do i make sure that there are no browsers open?

Do i make sure there are certain established connections on my netstat -ano output that i can match up to make sure there isn't anything else going on?


Is it okay to contact you via PM for a couple of other more specific private inquiry questions?

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  • Root Admin

It doesn't mean it just happened. It could have been this way for a while.

In most cases Windows Defender and Malwarebytes do not interfere with Farbar for the scan or fix. Sometimes other antivirus packages do, thus the wording is basically to say that IF your antivirus interferes you'll need to disable.

Since you're not running other antivirus just ignore it.

You can run network scans or use network tools to check but rarely do those type of tools find an issue.

Yes, you can send me a PM



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  • Root Admin

The post above pretty much goes into detail of what the fix does.

It was able to find and fix some Windows issues as well

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.


Please go ahead and run the following @CH8M4


Microsoft Safety Scanner

Please make sure you Exit out of any other program you might have open so that the sole task is to run the following scan.   
That goes especially for web browsers, make sure all are fully exited out of and messenger programs are exited and closed as well


Please set File Explorer to SHOW ALL folders, all files, including hidden ones.  Use OPTION ONE or TWO of this article



I suggest a new scan for viruses & other malware. This may take several hours, depending on the number of files on the system and the speed of the computer.

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free Microsoft stand-alone virus scanner that can be used to scan for & remove malware or potentially unwanted software from a system. 

The download links & the how-to-run-the tool are at this link at Microsoft 



Look on the Scan Options & select the FULL scan.

Then start the scan. Have lots of patience. It may take several hours.

  • Once you see it has started, take a long long break;  walk away.  Do not pay credence if you see some intermediate early flash messages on the screen display.  The only things that count are the End result at the end of the run.
  • The scan will take several hours.  Leave it alone. It will remove any other remaining threats as it goes along.  Take a very long break, do your normal personal errands .....just do not use the computer during this scan.

This is likely to run for many hours as previously mentioned  ( depending on the number of files on your machine & the speed of the hardware.)

The log is named MSERT.log  and the log will be at C:\Windows\debug\msert.log

Please attach that log with your next reply.


It is normal for the Microsoft Safety Scanner to show detections during the scan process.

It is scanning for basically all bread crumbs or traces of files and registry entries that "might" be or have been part of some infection or previous infection.

That DOES NOT mean the computer is infected. Once the scan has been completed it uploads the log to their Cloud service which then uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if in fact any of the traces are an infection or not.

Then it writes into the log on your computer what it found.


Thank you


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hey thanks again for more help and explanations.

first, the repairs that were made,  did those repairs change any of the services i disabled that i never want running on my system? most people want wifi, bluetooth, hotspot, WLAN, remote desktop ANYTHING, smart card reader (whatever the hell that is) etc, etc...

my goal is to have the device as HARDENED as much possible with no problems sacrificing any and all comforts such as password managers, histories, and so forth.

I will run the instructions as listed above but still need some more questions answered to make sure i follow instructions correctly.

Can i unplug my Ethernet cable before the process? You know from prior posts on this thread i LOVE disconnecting my Ethernet cable whenever possible...   :)

Can i still have my malware bytes premium real time antivirus on and windows defender on? As stated above those are the only ones i have running so far.

it didn't say anything about disabling them so i guess i answered my own question but just want to make sure.

Also is there a sha256 for the MSERT.exe file i downloaded to check its integrity? i couldn't find it on the Microsoft website nip.

I always have hidden files exposed on my system so i can see everything, but i didn't know about the show hidden folders setting so im all over that. Thank you.

I assume you may be my age since your avatar probably isn't known to most of the younger generation, would my assumption be right?

Thanks again for all your help!


PS.  all of what started this thread happened on another computer after installing malware bytes and applying my license. do i start another thread for that device too or can i use the same thread posting up my log files as i get them running through the same procedures for that computer?

Is it okay to look at the log files to see what actually happened? its a good learning experience since i am a new cybersecurity student who is looking to learn anything and everything there is to know about malware.


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  • Root Admin

No we did not modify most services, but hardening does not mean disabling services. If you don't know what you're doing that can actually increase the risk of attack.

You cannot unplug the Ethernet if that is how you get Internet access. Microsoft Safety Scanner needs access to upload details of the scan to analyze with AI

Yes, you can keep Malwarebytes and Windows Defender running.

I do not believe so. I'm not aware of one. The file is signed which is extremely close to impossible to fake without somehow having access to Microsoft's signing tool.

It doesn't matter if you show hidden or not as long as you're able to locate the log requested

Computing is probably my 3 major career and I've been doing it for over 30 years now

We can assist with the other computer, but please wait until this one is completed so as not to get confused.


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  • Root Admin

The scan found nothing. Yes, as long as you only view with Notepad there should be no issue


Please run the following

SecurityCheck by glax24              

I would like you to run a tool named SecurityCheck to inquire about the current security update status of some applications.

  • Download SecurityCheck by glax24: https://tools.safezone.cc/glax24/SecurityCheck/SecurityCheck.exe
  • If Microsoft SmartScreen blocks the download, click through to save the file
  • This tool is safe.   Smartscreen is overly sensitive.
  • If SmartScreen blocks the file from running click on More info and Run anyway
  • Right-click  with your mouse on the Securitycheck.exe  and select "Run as administrator"  and reply YES to allow to run & go forward
  • Wait for the scan to finish. It will open a text file named SecurityCheck.txt Close the file.  Attach it with your next reply.
  • You can find this file in a folder called SecurityCheck, C:\SecurityCheck\SecurityCheck.txt






Thank you



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  • Root Admin
Posted (edited)

You may have uploaded the log before it completed. The Tamper setting find is normal


Please update the following

LibreOffice v. Warning! Download Update
VMware Player v.17.0.1 Warning! Download Update
7-Zip 23.00 (x64) v.23.00 Warning! Download Update
Mozilla Firefox (x64 en-US) v.114.0.2 Warning! Download Update


Then check for Windows Updates and install any found.


Edited by AdvancedSetup
Updated information
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ok all done...

i didn't know what you meant by "update" as opposed to install a new install (since those were the websites you linked me to), so i installed a new install on all the apps u listed.

most just updated i guess but i did down;load the new install file as if i was doing it for the first time.

i also did a windows update which i thought i had setup to do automatically and three came up...

anyway, in regards to those four apps listed. I don't use them and would like to uninstall them. That's okay for me to do right?


On another note.. You are helping another person on another thread that was posted 10 hours ago which has the same characteristics of what i went through a year ago.

Even though your answer was much the same as the answers i would get, and even though i definitely agree with you that the odds are very very rare, it still happens.

Would i be able to reach out to that poster you are helping somehow to compare symptoms? I think i have a pretty good idea of what it is and yes it is massively advanced.

I don't feel comfortable putting out details on the public forum. I have to believe that there is someone who want to get their hands on it to analyze it no?


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  • Root Admin

No, I don't know of any computer experts that want access to computers that claim to have magical hidden rootkits never seen before. There are literally tens of thousands of reports by users, and when you actually look at the computer there is nothing on them. Thus you've wasted hours of your time once again.

There are over a billion windows computers out on the Internet and yet less than a dozen known true firmware infected computers and those were typically done in a lab. There are infections that are difficult to find and difficult to remove but the chicken little the sky is falling so far has not materialized into reality.

If you're done here and don't wish further help, please let me know.





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Yeah that makes sense, its a big waste of time for them. Do u know of a tutorial out there for us to do it ourselves?


OK so back to my issues, nothing came up on any of the scans we have done for my computer?

If the answer is no, then i can only come to one conclusion...

Since the same thing is happening on the three computers i activated my Malware-bytes license i purchased, the Malware bytes Anti virus is causing both the malware bytes Anti-viruses and Microsoft defender to shut down by themselves?

Ill have to try another antivirus on another computer and see if it happens on that one? Then I can know for sure.

I have the instructions to run the scans in the order i did for the first one and post up the results whenever i get to it.


One more question for you, Is there a difference between a rootkit and malware?



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  • Root Admin

rootkits fall into the overall category of malware

Cybersecurity basics & protection


Please run the following @CH8M4



Please download the following tool

Farbar Service Scanner and run it on the computer with the issue


Make sure the following options are checked:

  • Internet Services
  • Windows Firewall
  • System Restore
  • Security Center/Action Center
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Defender

Click "Scan"

It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.
Please attach the log to your next reply.


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Thanks for the link!

I'm getting to attacks, and threats in my spring semester next year but I'm all about reading anything i can understand at any time ic an

. All i have to go by is the experiences and symptoms of what i experienced. Its definitely magical and i think i located the lab it was created in.

more symptoms on this computer are now I'm not getting emails on the email address I'm using on this computer. That could be anything but its pissin me off.

Ok back to this computers issues. i downloaded and ran the fss. 

this time the windows smart screen came up with a warning, i followed your instructions to get through it from the earlier post in the forum

result file is atttached.


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  • Root Admin


Please make the following change in Malwarebytes if you're using the Premium or Trial version

  • Please open Malwarebytes. Click on the small gear icon to open the Settings and go to the Security tab.
  • Then turn off "Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center"
  • Restart the computer



It is highly unlikely that you need to setup exclusions for Windows Defender, however if you experience any issues, please see the following article.

Malwarebytes for Windows antivirus exclusions list

We are not aware of any currently known issues between Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium




Then, get me a new set of Farbar logs


Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system.
You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit

  • Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
  • Press the Scan button.
  • It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please attach it to your reply.
  • The first time the tool is run, it also makes another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply as well.

Thank you



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ok u said download it to my desktop...you mean to my "DESKTOP computer" or the "desktop of the computer"?

i downloaded it to the desktop on my computer and ill look for the logs to post them

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Posted (edited)

the notifications on the right side of this screen shot are what happened when i diasabled that setting in the malware bytes settings you instructed me to do in the prior post.

Just to provide you with all info


Edited by AdvancedSetup
Removed screehsot per request
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