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Malwarebytes for Mac BETA_PREVIEW

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Thank you, staffers, for the new BETA_PREVIEW!

For extra safety, I deactivated my MBAM's premium license in my previous version of MB4 for Mac ( on my MBP18,1 (Apple Silicon M1 Pro), running macOS 13.4.1 Ventura.  I continued with the recommended MB4 integrated Malwarebytes coded uninstaller. (Menu bar: Help ⇒ Uninstall Malwarebytes)


  1. When completed, the MB4 uninstaller's questionnaire screen remains open and can only be dismissed by “X” closing of the questionnaire's window.
  2. The MB4 icon in the macOS Ventura Dock was unexpectedly not removed. (Manually removed)

Though rarely required by macOS, I then chose to do an OS restart.

Only personal curiosity had me subject the 55.8 MB MB5 installer ( through VirusTotal, and Mothers Ruin Suspicious Package, and Apparency. All seemed well.

The installation was typically & expectedly unremarkable.


  1. I strongly agree with the obfuscation of the middle of a premium license. Bravo!
  2. After the MB5 scan cache was established, my MBP's subsequent scan time was its usual 8 seconds.


  1. Unless it will be restored in a later version, I miss easily finding the database's current version, as this lets the client/consumer know if the app/database update process is functional. I see now that it's the same as MB4. *EDIT* I now see it's part (4.0.613) of the Detection History card.
  2. I now see a somewhat redundant Scanner card is present.  ???

I do hope the new MB5 Activity log remains as informative as it was. Furthermore, I was hoping to see a data exchange from macOS XProtect/XProtect Remediator. Bastion?

Should a data exchange & status reporting relationship exist with Malwarebytes Browser Guard?

Again, thank you Malwarebytes for the new BETA_PREVIEW.



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