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Request to remove esthermorenostudio.com from your blacklist

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our domain esthermorenostudio.com appears as blacklisted on your platform. This site had a security issue on the october 31th, 2022 due to an intrusion to its cpanel which led to an installation of some qbot malware. The issue was detected and addressed in less than 24h. As you can see, the domain is not listed or blocked anymore by the following platforms:


Please, if you could provide further information about the reason this site is still blacklisted we would be pleased to further inspect the issue. If not, please consider updating the blacklisting status on your website as the site is fully safe to browse.

Thanks in advance


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looks like our domain esthermorenostudio.com is still blacklisted on your platform and chrome extension. As there has not been any other issue since the first one occured on october 31th, 2022, we believe that our site never got removed from your platform. This is causing issues on some of your clients blocking inbound order emails from esthermorenostudio.com.

Please let us know how to preceed.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Porthos,

thank you for the quick reply. Last time I visited the page Malwarebytes prompted an alert message, now it is looking fine. Maybe the malware database was not updated, apologies for that. However it looks like all emails sent to @puresc.com from esthermorenostudio.com are still blocked due to "High Confidence Bait" or "High Trust Bait", not sure about how to translate as it appears in spanish "Cebo de alta confianza".

Thanks again for your help.



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