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What Bounced Off The Sun?


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It looks like it hit the sun but if it did it would have burned up, I think what ever it did hit was possibly behind the sun or in front and obscured from us by the glare, the object could have been thousands or millions of miles away as you cannot see the angle.

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Hmm well its kind of a fuzzy recording first of all, but it looks as though a small body of something (comet maybe, or a broken-off piece of an asteroid or something) may be hitting the Sun, but its kind of strange how it goes back and forth a lot, so maybe its something weird with the camera lens too?

Its really hard to tell :) It's neat though!

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The back and forth motion is just a replay.

The way I see it "if the first part is a realtime shot" and taking the sun's size into consideration then a huge planet sized object out from the sun by around the sun's radius (695,500 kilometres) impacts the sun's surface in a split second and glances off through it's sheer speed.

So if the speed of light is 300,000 kmps then this object has broken the laws of relativity?

But then again I see malware symptons everywhere. LOL :)

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ha ha... its either light reflection, something on the lens, or something burning up in our atmosphere appearing to hit the sun. That video was posted March 15, 2007 all most 3 years ago, and I can't find a real news article on it anywhere.

funny though to see what people say about it on different forums :)

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