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BSOD "page_fault_in_nonpage_area" during scan


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I want to give as much info as I can to see if help is possible in my case.

Dell Dimension 3100 windows XP pro, 320g HD (60g used) 1g ram a drive D with Norton ghost (only used once) multiple drives for camera memory cards, sticker on Western digital HD says wd2500js 250g

I got some help before (about 2 months ago) with some rootkits and viruses and it seemed as though everything was ok. (some issues with accessing data cds in the drive but I hadn

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This is a very touchy situation. If you do not have any backups then you really should leave the drive alone and work with someone that is an expert in data recovery. ie. Though there are some great products out there to recover data from a good working drive, if you're not careful you can damage it more and make data recovery near impossible. If it's very important to you then I'd suggest sending the drive out for recovery. It is not cheap and typically can range from about $250 to $1,500 depending on how much data there is to recover and the difficulty the lab has with doing the recovery. If the price is just beyond your means and you're willing to take the risk then yes you can do a couple of thing to try and recover the data.

1. Remove the HD and place it into another working computer and see if you can simply copy data normally.

2. Buy a new drive as you described and slave it and see if you can copy the data normally.

3. If you cannot copy data normally then you may want to see if you can use a product like HDD Regenerator

4. Option #3 if it comes down to it is better to try than running a CHKDSK on the drive first as it could cause unrecoverable damage on a failing drive.

5. You can also try recovery software like GetDataBack

6. One of the last options if you cannot afford these other products (which to me would indicate the data is not that important) then you can try a CHKDSK D: /R (where D: is the volume/drive letter of the bad drive) and hope for the best. Normally using CHKDSK is not problematic but on a failing drive it can potentially be.

Choose what route you want to go and quit messing with the drive though until you're ready to proceed. If it is a failing drive then the more you use and run it the closer you're coming to a point where it just will no longer spin up or be detected by the OS.

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