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Google Passkey: How to Create One and When You Shouldn't


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MB blog writer Jovi Umawing weighs in on Google's new Passkey feature here Google Passkey.

She lists reasons against passkey creation:

  1. Google Workspace account through a school or employer
  2. Devices that are shared with others

Even if your computer and accounts are solely under your control, somehow this seems to me that Google still has the final say in account access. Maybe I don't fully understand the process, but whenever Google makes a claim to provide more control with information they already control and monitor, I am not convinced. 

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I cannot speak for others but they can keep all of it. I want no part of any of it. I don't want Google in charge of or participating in any part of my digital life period.



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They started out with good goals to do no evil. Then when the money started rolling in they turned off of that path and got onto the tracking and marketing path and have been rather abusive with that track according to many Technicians and Bloggers over the years.

Now all of a sudden we should ignore all of that and trust they're going to do the right thing again? It's possible but we'll need to wait and see. When we have thousands of Technicians and Bloggers now saying that Google has changed their ways, then we'll reconsider. Until then I want no part of it.


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