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Is there a Malewarebytes with NO real-time scanner?

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They use to have a version for mac with No realtime scanning. I do NOT use security real-time scanners, they invariably have or develop issues with the Mac OS. I have tried MANY such programs since I have been using computers in the 1990's and I ALWAYS end up uninstalling them because of problems they cause. 

I downloaded the current trial version, unfortunately it came with a real time scanner installed by default, so I immediately uninstalled it.

When I complained about this aI got an email from them trying to convince me how important they think real-time protection is without answering my specific question, so I am posting here. I do NOT think real-time protection is needed on the Mac OS, trying to convince me otherwise after decades of using Mac is pointless.

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There is only one version of Malwarebytes for Mac and during the trial you can disable the real-time scanner. As mentioned, it will be automatically disabled when the trial is over.

Having said that, I never experienced any macOS issues during the years when I had it enabled, nor do I recall reading here of any user having issues. Reviewers have found Malwarebytes to have one of the lowest impacts on normal computing of any anti-malware utility on the market today.

I also wonder if you aren't confusing "real-time scanning" with the "full disk scanning" that most all the original anti-malware (anti-virus) scanning utilities use? It only takes micro-seconds to scan a file that has just been downloaded or copied which should never cause an issue. Real-time scanning will prevent you from installing most any Mac malware. Manual scans by Malwarebytes will only offer to remove/quarantine malware and PUPs that have already been installed and likely already done their damage.

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