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xp Graphics upgrade?


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this is probably a very dumb question, but I'll give it a shot. I love the new graphics on vista. Is there any type of a upgrade for xp home to get a similar result? I'm pretty much talking about the 3d icons and so on. I've even downloaded the vista icons and put them on my desktop. but they still are very poor quality. i ask this because I do not want to have 2 reinstall my HD just to get the better quality graphics. anybody know a way around it?

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thanks I already had downloaded the blinds. I guess thats about the closest you can get to vista. I dont want vista because of all the problems I've been hearing. Not to mention the ones ive experienced, but I do love the graphics on particularly the look of there icons But the blinds doesnt give you that just the look of the windows boxes which is also cool. I even downloaded vista icons pack but they dont look the same on xp. Thanks again

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Actually, there are packs here and there that will give you a close feel for the Vista UI as an XP 'skin'.

I had links to such on the dead computer, and if I get her revived I'll post them here.

In fact, I remember what it is called, the Vista Transformation pack, and a Google search led me to this link:



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Thank you so much exactly what I was looking for!!!! Love it!!!!!! it did slow my cpu down a touch but still worth it!!! One more thing, I use black viper to set my computer processes. upgrading to this setup did it change any of that? and/or should i now change my settings to vista from her?

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probably not.

The transformation pack is simply a theme if you will (combined with an MSStyle) to make XP look and feel more like Vista - BV's site deals with making XP perform better, and if by computer processes you mean *services* then this will in no way affect those services.

However, using BV's setup may in fact reduce the functionality of the Vista Transformation theme - you'll have to check that out your self, but reverting any changes you made and seeing if there is a difference (using System Restore, you can easily revert back if there is no difference at all rather than having to manually change all of the services back to the way you had them).

Of course, if there *is* a difference, then you'll have to experiment and see which service you disabled / made manual is causing the difference.

Remember, BV's guide is just that - a guide - and is not suitable for everyone in every situation.

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