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My desktop now does not load, only wallpaper shows.

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I am using my brother's laptop atm. Ok, I have a virus I'm pretty sure. First, malwarebytes would always shut down during the scan for some odd reason, than it wouldn't let me open it again afterward. Than I tried using ccleaner to clean the registry thinking that would work, and I noticed one of the things it detected had the word malwarebytes in it, so I decided to delete/clean that entry, along with all the others it detected. My desktop than dissapeared, and now all that shows is my wallpaper. I tried going into safe mode, but all that happens is that right after the welcome screen, it stays at a black screen. Please help, I'm really worried about this, and I have so much stuff on this computer and it would take forever to get it all back. Help is appreciated. Thank you.

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