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Malwarebytes for Mac 4.19 beta

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Hi, all!

We've just released Malwarebytes for Mac version 4.19 in beta.

The primary change is a significant improvement to the process of quarantining threats. Unless Malwarebytes encounters some kind of error, there should now be no need to ever reboot your Mac due to Malwarebytes! This may be hard to test, as you need to have something malicious on your computer that would have required a restart with older versions of the software, but please do let us know if you see anything amiss.

In addition, there are a number of internal architectural changes, as we prepare for some bigger changes coming later this year. These shouldn't be anything you'll notice, but please do let us know if anything seems like it's not working as it should.

You can update to the beta within the app, with the Beta Application Updates feature turned on.

Please reply here with any comments, questions, and problem reports!

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So my installed Malwarebytes (I believe the beta version) was problematic so I tried trashing the app. Now the app is running in Activity Monitor, but I cannot reinstall because I've a newer version installed. I can't go to the App and selected download beta, because the App is not launching. Is the beta available to download and install?

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