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MalwareBytes Browser Guard blocks Web when download file in excel format

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I have a website with the web address www.sanjavier.gestionregistral.cl.

Information uploaded by my clients is administered and managed on this website. Once they fill out the forms, they can download a file with a summary of what they entered, in Excel or PDF format.

MalwareBytes Browser Guard does not give any notices or alerts when using the site, not even when downloading a summary in PDF format. But when clients try to generate and download the summary in Excel format my site is blocked by MalwareBytes Browser Guard and it shows the warning that my site is doing malicious activity.

Why generating a file in excel format, which doesn't even have macros, is a malicious activity?

This is very detrimental to my business because the warning that MalwareBytes Browser Guard tells my customers is that my website is trying to scam them or install some type of malware on them. And that's not true.
So why does MalwareBytes Browser Guard detect that generating an excel file and downloading it is a malicious action? How do I generate and download this file and not detect it as a malicious activity by MalwareBytes Browser Guard?

I am sending a screenshot where the blocking notice appears and I am attaching the excel file that my website generates and downloads.

I look forward to your help and response.

Kind regards.

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-04 a la(s) 21.37.48.jpg


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