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Questions About Removing Forum Attachments


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MY ATTACHMENTS have a 500 MG limit within the forum. I "tested" to see if removing an attachment from MY ATTACHMENTS would also remove it from the corresponding post. It did not, at least in the posts I looked at.

I went ahead and cleared everything out of MY ATTACHMENTS recently, and discovered some jpegs were removed from private messages, and some posts, but not others.

Is this removal from random posts based on size, location or file type? Is this normal and predictable or an overall glitch?

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I have 7,837 attachments.

Many are redundant so last year I started taking advantage of the "Other Media" Forum Editor function to insert intended attachments that I have used before so I don't tax the system.  Luckily or thankfully Ani-GIFs are not large files.

Albeit, many attachments are unique such as numerous malware submissions.

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Here is how I inserted the below already posted screenshot of a Phish.






At the top of the Insert Existing Attachment dialogue, is a Search.

If you know the file name of the attachment. and you have many, that will narrow the list to be more specific in choosing an already posted attachment to pick from.



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