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False positive for MacroDroid helper file

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My Android application MacroDroid available on the Play Store requires the use of a side-loaded helper file built against an older SDK for certain functionality that has been restricted by Google over the years. All similar apps such as Tasker use a similar mechanism to implement such features.

The helper file is available here: https://www.macrodroidforum.com/MacroDroidHelper_v1_8.apk and has the package com.arlosoft.macrodroid.helper

The forum post that explains why it is needed is here: https://www.macrodroidforum.com/index.php?threads/macrodroid-helper-apk.1/

Some of my users have noticed that malware bytes is flagging this as potential ransomware and then I saw elsewhere on your forum that sideloaded apps automatically get flagged as potential ransomware.

The code for my helper file is not particularly sensitive so I would be prepared to share source code with you guys if this is required.

Many thanks,

Jamie (MacroDroid Dev)

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Hi @JamieH,

Thanks for reaching out!  Side-loading is just one criteria to be flagged as potential ransomware.  The app also requires elevated privileges.  Regardless, I added an exception for MacroDroid.  It will no longer be detected in future database versions.


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