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Crappy vendor wont give up password to uninstall.

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So i have this vendor that has password protected the malwarebytes installed on my servers.  I want malwarebytes off my servers.

I have tried several ways, even tried to contact support (totally worthless venture) (hint: Malwarebytes, your support sucks ass).

I had another vendor give me a key to transfer it from the old guys service to the new vendors.  It worked on three servers, but not on the DC.  If i try to uninstall, it asks for a password.  If i try to run the cmd line that the new vendor sent i get the error:  "EAEngine Named Pipe Server is unavailable.  The service may be restarting or is not running."


How do i get this junk of my server?



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5 minutes ago, Get_rid_of_this_crapware said:

So i have this vendor that has password protected the malwarebytes installed on my servers.

I think you need to keep working with the vendor. They should be able to uninstall it for you.

As this is a server and a business server, the forum can not assist.

I would highly suggest that you open a support ticket with Business Support to work with them directly.

Submit  Business Support Ticket  

It can take a few days for a response as ticket volume is high at this time.

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Yeah.  I tried that.  The respnse:

Thank you for contacting Malwarebytes support, we're unable to locate a subscription with the email provided. If another email address was used to purchase your subscription, please submit a new ticket with that email address.

If you are using our free trial product and:

  • Are interested in becoming a Malwarebytes customer, check out our available plans here
  • Need additional help, visit our Forums


Please do not reply to this ticket as the ticket has been closed.


Malwarebytes Support

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