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Best way to direct all traffic from phones and computers through a tunnel


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@David H. Lipman

Hoping this post is not too old to resurrect. MB offers a VPN trial and access for one device for a year, costing $42+. Maybe it's morning and my brain isn't awake yet, but I'm confused about the terms for those of us with Premium already. The site says, Premium users can't expect an extension of the VPN. So if I didn't have MB I could expect a year? but since I don't, I can't? 🤨

Starting with my phone, since that has the least amount of protection on it....I've looked up common problems with VPN, because if it's going to happen, it WILL happen to me.

Slow speed: does that mean overall or just on connection?

Connections problems-😬I watch Hulu and PBS videos on my phone at home using home WiFi. Would I have to adjust my router, or could I adjust anything on my phone and call it quits?

A bit of perspective here: I've never had any issues like most others here who have viruses, malware, strange stuff. Mine is garden variety with software incompatibility which may be fueled in part by user error. Who knows? I looked on my MB privacy checker to see that much of the access given to phone calls, files etc has NOTHING to do with the apps themselves. Just big companies putting in software you can't uninstall to harvest data. Mine is pretty boring, but still.

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I am sorry @NewTricks but I don't follow the  nuances of Malwarebytes' software sales nor do I directly provide tech support of their products.  An expert at this is @Porthos

He is much more in-tune to ask such a question.

I don't suggest using your Smart Phone.  Use your PC instead.  winky1.gif.df971474a27b57af8bb03bb6f695f4b0.gif

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3 hours ago, NewTricks said:

I watch Hulu and PBS videos on my phone at home using home WiFi

Malwarebytes VPN might block those sites just like Netflix and Amazon Prime videos are.

As for cost and subscription length, Keep in mind each device requires a sub that covers each device whether it is the VPN or premium Malwarebytes.



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