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Maybe false positive steam

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malwarebytes RTP has Steam webhelper.exe has been blocking an  outgoing IP while browsing steam pages within the app.

not sure if infected or false positive I have done a full scan it came up clean.  and have updated malwarebytes this only showed up once.

I also got RTPs from CS:GO a month ago that have not repeated since I only play on official match making not community servers


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another question since i cant figure out how to edit my post if it ends up being a false positive how come it shows that domain name? thats whats really worrying me I dont think it would be legit connecting to a domain named that or from that country at all

or is it a legitimate issue going on being blocked?

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2 hours ago, JPopovic said:


The block will be removed.

Thank you!

Could you or someone explain what this is or how it happens? 


The domain name does apppear to be malicious  i dont think steam would have me contact a server called that especially as I dont live in russia (or that side of the world) 

Is that truly the domain owner? Or is malwarebytes  showing outdated info. 

Could it be a real block and and my copy of steam or my system is infected?  and reaching out  to that server to send my info or worse download  more viruses or malware? 


I dont want the block removed if so

How do you tell if it needs to be removed or if its a real problem?  

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14 hours ago, JPopovic said:

Domain was blocked but it is not malicious anymore.

So does that mean the domain name listed in my log is out of date and the IP has a new owner?  Valve steam? 


Because if that still is the current domain website name.. im really concerned that wouldnt be something steam would be connecting to and would be a real dangerous detection. 


Sorry to be taking up more of your time just really worried over it.  And want to be absolutly sure my pc and this app isnt infected. 


Like is there a way  i can check what the Ips owner is safely? And see what region its in? 

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