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"Website Blocked Due to Scams" for docx download but NOT whole site

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Today I received the notice "Website Blocked Due to Scams" when I attempted to download a Word Document I had saved on my website.
I tried loading my site's main page, and sub-pages, and they all loaded normally, with no warning.

I examined my website directory for any sign of hacking, and found no new/recent files. Everything looks normal.
So, it appears the warning message is incorrectly worded, and should be explaining "This file type is blocked due to its frequent use in phishing/scams".
Instead, it gave a message that makes it sound like my whole website is suspicious.

I originally provided a bit more detail, but it appears that "CleanTalk" thought that full explanation was spam. Not helpful when trying to explain situation clearly! So, sorry this ended up so brief. 


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2 hours ago, CharlesAGregory said:

Thanks, but can you verify please that the error message will be corrected so that it doesn't say "website blocked" when it is actually blocking only specific file types on a website that is otherwise not blocked?

It shouldn't, but can you show me the path to FWandStelcoTowerR1.docx so that I can verify?

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The full URL is (was): http://www.charlesgregory.ca/FWandStelcoTowerR1.docx 
It does not trigger the warning now that you have whitelisted my site. 
My comment about the error message was that it reads like "scams" were actually detected on the site (making me waste me time looking for a hack).
Given the fact that only that document was blocked, and not the whole site, the alert message should read "This file type blocked because it is frequently used in scams".


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