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Occasional scheduled scans not firing

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Hello, all!


Long time user of the paid product. 

System scheduled to run daily scans at 230 am and I leave my computer on all the time (though never use it between midnight and 6am). Until the last ten days, have never had issues with the scheduled scans running, which I see in the morning when I open MWB and get the pop up telling me the scan had no detections. And I have never had any detections that I can recall.

But twice in the last ten days (April 9 and April 19), the scheduled scan did NOT run despite the computer being on and not being used. In both cases, I ran a scheduled scan the following morning which didn't detect any issues. In neither case did the computer go to sleep overnight, although it always "locks" overnight (needing password to log in, as it always has). 

Everything else functioning normally and all scans on the days between April 9 and 19 ran automatically without incident or detection.

No crisis here, but an unusual and interesting occurrence. I wonder if there has been some automatic Windows function running overnight that might interfere from MWB scan automatically firing? But it never happened before (or if so, at least not in years).

Logs posted.

Thanks, as always, for your insight!


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  • Root Admin

Difficult to say for sure what really caused it as there can be many different possible issues a computer can experience that might have such an effect.

I see we asked you to do a Clean Removal about a year or so ago.

We can try doing some generic clean up of the system if you like using the Farbar program and see if that helps.

Let me know if you're interested.



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I did do a fresh install after cleanup a few months ago, as I recall. But I may have the time wrong and would trust my logs. For the moment, this is more an interesting observation than anything else. If the problem worsens, I can circle back. 


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One more quick and probably unrelated question. About three hours after I uploaded those logs this morning, I’m unable to get internet service through any of several routers I own. Other devices are working, so doesn’t look to be an internet issue.

anything funky in those scans that might point to an explanation? 
no other weird activity, so it might be a bad adapter.

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