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Are there good or necessary trojans to crack software?


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Can Trojans be removed from a ".dll" file? Are there good or necessary trojans to crack the software?
Good afternoon, I have a program installed and for it to work I need to copy the crack to the installation folder of this program. In total there are 6 files that end in ".dll", when I download the last one it says that it cannot be downloaded because it has a "virus", so I check it on the "VirusTotal" page and I get these malwares and trojans, my question en, Can trojans be removed from a ".dll" file? That is, only delete the corrupt files that this file contains, or are they necessary for the installation? And at this second, are there good or necessary Trojans to crack software? or if someone could tell me that after copying these files to the installation folder and running the program, then I will be able to remove the trojans that are installed? thank you so much.


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This Forum does not support cracking software nor their use.

Trojans are made to be malicious.  There is a concept where a legitimate file has malicious code appended, prepended or cavity injected making that file "patched" or "trojanized" but are few and far between.  If a DLL is detected as a trojan then there is a high propensity that that DLL was created to be malicious.  Thus the file in total is malicious and can not be made "safe."


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