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IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property

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I've been following the developments since the beginning, and I am shocked.

I'm an MBAM user but not affiliated with them, and I make my judgements based on logic and evidence.

The evidence by the MBAM team is very strong, on the other hand I haven't seen any clear and logical explanation provided by IObit, not on their blog and not on their forums.

They pretend that it was some minor mistake by unexperienced staff. -> Not credible, and doesn't explain anything.

They have uploaded new screenshots to prove that those files are not detected with the same name anymore. -> Doesn't explain anything.

What is shocking me now, is that apparently (according to their own words), they have now publicly provided real, active malware to download from their blog (in the Declaration text at the bottom part).

First of all, what kind of practice is this? ;)

Second, what do they want to prove with it?

And, what can be done to force them to take it off? I'm really worried that some curious readers will download it.

After seeing all evidence posted from both parties, my support goes to the MBAM team.

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