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IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property

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I really don't get their exact word Inocent.

Come on, perhaps in China, stealing still is an act of honor,

but why would a company still shout out about be innocent while their standing their naked with other people's property in

their hands, and making big money from it.

Does the 360 mean, collected from every other around us ?

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IOBit's forum is probably filled with posts similar to ours, supporting their cause. At least... are they still deleting posts about this that support the MBAM side?

I think they have hit bottom as far as "damage control" goes. There are more posts supporting MBAM and none of their people have anything of substance to say/offer. Can't blame them for moving slow, in the face of such overwhelming evidence. As Swandog pointed out earlier, "stealing" the MBAM database is no easy task, so the "some unexperienced staff may have done this" excuse doesn't cut it ; you don't just open a file or grab the database from this site, no Sir. Someone other than sample collectors decided to do this and now they must face the music.


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Whatever it may be, and how clear the evidence is, thinking souls do know

which side is the positive one and which is the negative one.

Let's not make it a flamefest, it actually ain't worth it, I just hope

this will not do harm on MalwareBytes proper and clean reputation.

In the end, incident after incident, the average Joe gets to know which

company to trust and which to stay away. ;)

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They have been red all along with Site Advisor (at least since this started) for having downloads that are considered dangerous. Not sure how long it has been that way because I had never been to their website before yesterday.

I added a bad review at Download.com also for bad ethics.

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Here's an interesting reply from someone on the Iobit forum:

I do not mean to criticize or oanything, I just wish to make my stance on this known:

I am an independent tech who actively uses neither Malwarebytes nor IObit's Security 360. I do, however, keep tabs on news in the computer security sector.

After hearing this, I decided to do some independent research separate from Malwarebytes and IObit. I used two separate computers, one with Malwarebytes, and one with IObit Security 360. Each were provided with cloned drives to scan completely, with exactly the same spyware on each drive, gathered from various sources.

After scanning with Malwarebytes, and IObit Security 360, I realized a large number of the samples that were caught by Malwarebytes matched exactly the same descriptions as IObit Security 360 had, right down to the names. Other samples were different from each other, yes, but a large sample (maybe 60%) of the spyware that was on the drives had exactly the same descriptions.

Based on my independent research, I find it statistically improbable that IObit Security 360 and Malwarebytes would have exactly the same descriptions and names for detected spyware.

Feel free to ban me for posting the results of my independent research if you wish. It'll only reinforce my findings.

NOTE: I do not wish to cause an argument or anything, just wanted to get my own research results out there.

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Right behind you MBAM, this is a despicable thing to do ;)

I suppose the only positive that can be gleaned from this, as court action is probably going to be very difficult and costly, is that you are going to get a lot of publicity with regards to your product and IObit and going to get the opposite.

This will hopefully expand your customer base and get the word out to a lot more, allthough most who follow security know about you anyway.

The fact they fell into your trap hook, line and sinker shows that they obviously weren`t making much of an effort to hide what they where doing, it`s pretty laughable if it wasn`t so serious!

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Considering their Advanced System Care - (example log here) app, and the Security 360 app both use/incorporate HijackThis and rebranded it, I am not surprised by all this. Their excuse does not hold water. The evidence is damning.

They've been using shady tactics, and if you think they'll own up, you're all dreaming. They won't. Case in point, they removed the detections, or so they say, of the items you guys pointed out. If that doesn't scream "I'm gonna keep hiding and doing what I do no matter how much you throw at me", I don't know what does.

Curiously reminded of Spybot vs BulletProofSoft. Some of the real oldies around here probably will remember as well. Same thing happened then down to the fake trap defs. The thing is, even if you guys get them delisted and their reputation is ruined, they'll probably open up under another name and start over doing the same thing (except now they know what traps to avoid). All in all, a sad thing. But more proof that you guys are the ones to beat in the anti-malware software coding war. ;)

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