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IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property

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If you feel the same way we do about this theft, we encourage you to send an email to hosting services such as Download.com and Majorgeeks.com requesting that all IOBit software be removed."

EDIT: I also see IOBit hosted at Softpedia and Brothersoft.com, you could inform them too.

Done. I won't stop there either. ;)

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Just thought I would register here to comment in support.

I have been using Malwarebytes for awhile now since I was directed to the program from my friends at the Avast! Forum (another great security program).

I am very saddened and equally angry by what has happened with IOBit and hope that Malwarebytes takes this as far as they can for restitution.

Thank you for your time and trouble.

<3 Omega40

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I remember a thread on Wilders about IOBit some time ago and one of IOBit's own people kept dropping MBAM's name in comparison. I even commented on it in a thread on this very forum when I read it, but it's in an area not viewable to all so I'll leave it out. Needless to say, it made me suspicious then (as I commented) and this just pushes it over the edge IOBit=FAIL ;) .

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Ok, nevermind on my comments about the area being accessible, the post was in a public area and can be found here. Enjoy ;) .


Check out this

Guys if you feel something needs to be detected or you have some zero-days please submit them here. There's a section for FP's on the forums too if needed.

By the way I am a moderator at IObit forums so I can answer most questions

Also, the database is quite small due to it being like that of MalwareBytes. It detects current and active threats, which includes rogues, worms, trojans etc.

And this

The file protection uses the database and Digital Origin Gene heuristics (in other words blacklisting) for detection. It's just like the normal real-time protection of say...MBAM.

Those comments are from a moderator from IOBit's forum posting about their antimalware tool in a Wilderssecurity thread which can be found here

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Overwhelming, that sounds almost like an understatement this time ;)

That support is a true test, if the product was bad the support would not be there, it is as simple as that.

IOBit's forum is probably filled with posts similar to ours, supporting their cause. At least... are they still deleting posts about this that support the MBAM side?

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