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IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property

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I agree. It only takes a moment to select the Reputation Rating. The comments help but DO NOT affect the rating. If nothing else, stealing another vendor's Intellectual Property certainly has an affect on their trustworthiness and vendor reliability. If you are a member of WOT and posted a comment, but did not select a score on reputation, please go back to the page http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/iobit.com#page-1 and click the link to edit the Reputation rating.

Comments have no effect on the rating. Comments and ratings are separate.

The rating will go red when some more of the regulars change or add their rating. WOT works on a "trust" system. The fewer ratings you have given the less your rating effects the overall. There are a bunch of new raters so it isn't moving the color to yellow or red.

Be careful though and don't sign up new accounts (not saying anyone would) to rate with. That will set the page into "Controversial" mode because of the conflicting ratings and shut down the ability for anyone to rate.

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Wow, that's crazy! Just saw Bill P's (@billp of WinPatrol) tweet about it (and retweeted).

Now you can't just question the legitimacy of an anti-malware app (i.e. whether it's rogue or not), now you have to worry whether a "legit" app is stealing someone else's work?!? Not good.

I wonder if they'll (IOBit) say anything? I hope you (Malwarebytes team) get this situation resolved to your liking. ;)

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I would think these people will think about what is done with all the uproar but unfortunately it is too late already. I have NO idea how good or bad their programs are but that in unimportant now.

They will have to give seriously consideration to what they have done now, because their reputation (if they have a one to start with) will be in tatters as the word spreads wider.

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First, I would like to extend my gratitude to the folks at Malwarebytes...

MBAM has helped a few friends out in time of need.

I don't travel forums much anymore so don't be surprised if this is my first and last posting.

I do post quite extensively though at the Forums on www.mywot.com

Here's my input about this situation, WOT style

I'll send off emails to every download site that offers IOBit

Did you know they have a RegNow affiliate called: evonsoft.com ?

It's right there in the DNS records. (iobit.net redirects to iobit.com but evonsoft.com shares a-records with the same IP), LOL.

I hate scams, phish's, spam, and malware.

Hope you guys get IOBit shut down for this; yeah... I'm a positive thinker. ;-)


- G7W

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I have to say that I have never been fond of thier software before, as it always seems to cause more problems than they solve, and after stealing the intellectual property of Malwarebytes, I will be asking everyone I help to remove thier software first.

The folks here at Malwarebytes have made a solid piece of software, and they deserve our support.

If you need me to do something, all you need to do is ask.

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Oh, how lovely. They deny it. Is anyone surprised?

A legal letter will be released later, which will prove that there is no problem with Intellectual Property Rights.

I'm not sure how a legal letter will prove this. Especially since there is concrete proof that IOBit is guilty.

We have admitted that it’s hard to avoid mistakes, like a silly or duplicated name. But there is in no way means we steal Malwarebytes’ or any other's database.

Apparently they didn't read all of the evidence. Either that or they are skewing the facts to make themselves look better. Of course, I foresee a large misunderstanding of that statement, as they do not teach logic in school anymore...

Oh well, their response is not quite as bad as I expected, but still along the same lines. Marcin will be doing a lot of talking with his lawyer over this one. They will do what they need to in order to get the situation resolved.

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