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Bypass Microsoft Online Account Creation during installation of Windows 11

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Windows 11 both Home and Pro versions try very hard to force you to create a Microsoft Online Account. Many users do not want their installation of Windows to use an Online account and instead only want a Local Account.

A very simple way was posted on the following website by using a locked email account.   Thank you for the link @Firefox


Then use any password. It will fail with an oops, then it will allow you to click next and make a Local Account.




If that methods does not work then the following method below should work


This topic will attempt to help users install either Windows 11 Home or Pro and use a Local Account instead of a Microsoft Online Account

What is a Microsoft account?


These are basic installation instructions and does not cover items such as backing up your data, gathering drivers for installation, Intel-RST drivers to access newer drives, etc.


[ 00 ]

It is always recommended that you have a full backup of your system or at least your personal data to an external drive before performing any major type of work like this.
Mistakes can cause data loss that may be very difficult to recover from.

Backup Software


[ 01 ]

In order to do a clean install of Windows 11 Home or Pro, you will need an 8GB or larger USB thumb drive to create the Windows 11 USB installation disk

Download the Microsoft Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

The following YouTube video will show you how to use the Media Creation Tool. (created for Windows 10 but works the same for Windows 11)

How to Create Installation Media for Windows 10 | Microsoft

[ 02 ]

If needed you may need to get into the BIOS / UEFI in order to set the boot order to allow booting from the USB thumb drive

How to enter the BIOS or CMOS setup

Check your user manual that came with the computer or the vendor's website if that does not work for you

[ 03 ]

Insert the newly created Windows 11 USB installation disk into the computer and set the BIOS / UEFI to boot from it.

The first screen shows the installation version information. If needed you can change the Language and then click Next



[ 04 ]

Then click the Install now button



[ 05 ]

You can click I don't have a product key for now if wanted as long as you do have a license key or you have an online digital key



[ 06 ]

Select the OS version you want to install. Home or Pro or other and click next and accept the EULA Terms




[ 07 ]




[ 08 ]

If you have a new drive or a drive from an old installation of Windows then you should select the correct partitions and remove them.

If you press the SHIFT and F10 keys you can open a command prompt and type in the following to get more information about your disks. You can also use DISKPART to obtain information about your disks

wmic diskdrive get model,serialNumber,size,mediaType

WARNING: No matter what you do, make sure you're only removing partitions of the correct hard drive or you're going to lose all your data if you select the wrong one.

Again, this is only a basic installation guide to help you be able to create a LOCAL ACCOUNT during a new installation of Widows 11

If you want or need more details please see the following web page

Perform clean install of Windows 11 in six different ways 

The following partitions are typically part of a Windows installation

  • System Reserved Partition: This partition is used to store boot files and other system files that are required for the system to boot. It is typically 100 MB in size and is marked as an active, primary partition.
  • Windows Partition: This partition is where the Windows operating system is installed. It contains the Windows files, system files, and user files, and is typically the largest partition on the system.
  • Recovery Partition: This partition is used to store the system recovery tools and options. It can be used to troubleshoot and repair the system in case of system failure or other issues. The size of this partition can vary depending on the system configuration and the size of the hard drive.


Using DISKPART one can see that this example drive has the following on disk 0 that we would want to remove for a new clean install of Windows 11 which can be done via the User Interface of the Windows 11 installer.


In this other installation example the disk is already unused so there is no need to remove any partitions



[ 09 ]

Click Next once the disk or partitions are ready and allow Windows to start performing the installation of Windows 



[ 10 ]

Once ready it will ask you to select and verify the language and keyboard used. You can make those changes as needed at this time.




[ 11 ]

Turn off your Internet access. Power off your router or unplug it.



[ 12 ]

On the keyboard press the SHIFT and F10 buttons at the same time and you should get a command prompt



[ 13 ]

Inside the command prompt type the following and press the Enter key


This will restart the computer right away with a new setup setting.

You do not need to do this part. The image is simply showing what the command OOBE\BYPASSNRO is doing.

It creates a new entry in the Registry called BypassNRO and sets it's value to 1 then restarts the computer.



[ 14 ]

It will once again ask you about your Language and Keyboard options.

Then, this time you will have a new option on screen. Click I don't have internet



Then you will get a new screen like this one below. Click the Continue with limited setup 




[ 15 ]

Go ahead and give the name you want to use for logging into Windows. It is highly recommended that you do not use your real name or initials. Create some unique nickname that is not associated to you



Then give it a password that you want to use and verify it. Store the password in a Password Manager.

[ 16 ]

Now setup the 3 mandatory Security questions. DO NOT use real information. Make up fake information for all questions.
Write down the Questions and Answers and save it in a Password Manager or to a secure location.



[ 17 ]

At this point you can turn your Router back on and enable your network again.

Go ahead and choose the Privacy Settings you want to use on Windows. Microsoft enables ALL by default. Many users disable ALL but the choice is yours



[ 18 ]

Once you accept your Privacy Settings  and click next the computer should finish up the installation of Windows.



[ 19 ]

At this point you should now be able to log into Windows with your LOCAL ACCOUNT



[ 20 ]

Assuming you made a mistake and - or you don't want to go through this process you can still switch your Microsoft Online Account to a Local Account after the installation of Windows, but many users don't want to create an Online account in the first place and have voiced this disdain to Microsoft.

How to switch from Microsoft account to local account on Windows 11



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