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Win10x64 NetIO.SYS BSOD from Web Protection, possibly related to NordVPN

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Windows 10 64-bit.
Malwarebytes Premium. ---- v 5.4.24
Avast Antivirus Free ---- v 23.2.6053 (build 23.2.7961.777)
Nord VPN paid ---- v
I use a HOSTS file to block bad websites.
I use Spywareblaster Free to also block bad URLS.

When I enable "Web Protection" on MBAM Premium, I randomly will get a BSOD with NetIO.SYS when "Web Protection" is enabled.
It is not instantly, and seems to occur between 0 to 3 times a day.

When I disabled "Web Protection" I stop getting the BSOD.
This may be a conflict with NordVPN because I see other reports (years ago) that were identified with other VPNs (PIA, Private Internet Access) that have a known conflict that causes a BSOD with MBAM premium Web Protect enabled.
Reference: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/281774-netiosys-bsod-windows-10/

For now, I have disabled Web Protection because I hate the consistent random BSOD.
I also reported this to NordVPN.
The issue may go away with later releases, because this didn't start happening (that i know of) until this year.

I don't want to re-enable Web Protection because I need a break from all the BSODs I've been dealing with for a while and I'm enjoyed a week or so with no BSODs.
Because of this, I can't say 100% what the 
I just wanted to submit this through the app like I did with NordVPN, but there was no option, it just linked me to the forum, so I was forced to post it here.

I am aware of this page:


"Malwarebytes Support / Malwarebytes for Windows / Troubleshoot"
"Issues running other security applications and Malwarebytes for Windows"

I'm not looking to attach files or troubleshoot this issue,
I found a solution that works, by weakening my protection to completely eliminate the BSOD.
This post is simply to report the problem, so that Malwarebytes company can be aware of the problem.

I hope this conflict will be resolved later or that I will find a way around it by learning all I can about "Windows Filtering Platform" to see if I can resolve this on my own.


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