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Windowsdefender found TrojanDownloader in one random folder.

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I cannot remember exactly, but for almost a year, every time I started Firefox, the first page that opened was a Bing site with a long link. I tried to fix it, but could not change it at the time. I just closed the window and started a new Firefox page, which was a normal DuckDuckGo and continued to use it as normal. When I opened a private firefox tab, this bing site did not appear.
After a while, with a full scan, Microsoft Defender found the TrojanDownloader program in a random folder.
I deleted it, and just yesterday I used Norton to clean it up even more.
The unexpected thing was that my Windows Defender and Norton only found the TrojanDownloader, but no other malicious program.
Now the questions I have is, what data leaking could and should I be afraid of, I used my Windows PC for banking, important account management and of cause some private things.
Is there a possibility that other harmful programs that resolve from this Trojan Downloader are still on my PC undetected?
How would I know, and how could i remove them?

Thank you very much for helping me with this kind of nervous making topic ^^


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Hello @Neddo  and  :welcome:


You have already started a topic here at TB, haven't you?

Crossposting  is not allowed in the area of malware removal, since several helpers are working on the same topic, which can lead to conflicts.



As your native language is german, I suggest to work on your problem at TB.


I think this topic can be moved by @Maurice Naggar @AdvancedSetup


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