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Limiting Spotify Sharing


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Spotify settings contain a social category with 6 choices accessed through a desktop.

  • Connect with Facebook to see what your friends are playing
  • Publish my new playlists on my profile
  • Start a private session to listen anonymously
  • Share my listening activity on Spotify
  • Show my recently played artists on my public profile
  • Show my follower and following lists on my public profile

My public profile artists and tracks are only visible to me. I do not want to share or see what other people are playing.

Yet when I go to public places, inevitably, I see pop ups for joining some person's listening activity and I want to find the setting(s) that disable this. I've been told there is such a thing, but only in desktop settings.

At one point, it seemed to be associated with Google mail and I went into each account to disable. I can't remember what I did but it worked for maybe a month.

Now these sharing pop ups are back. I dismiss them, but rather cut them off at the source?

Anyone know how?

   🎹   Thanks 🎼


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After a thorough investigation of settings in Spotify - both desktop & mobile I've learned a thing or two:

1. The user must go into settings each and every time to set it to Private Listening.

2. This setting expires after 6 hours.

Otherwise, wherever you go, pop ups will follow with a nearby listener's name, asking if you want to join them. IMO completely bizarre and absurd (for a certain segment of the population).

I'll skip the emojis.

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