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how to block threats quick

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It is clear that when we detect a threat that Malwarebytes does not detect, we should communicate it through this forum as soon as possible, but obviously it takes time for Mawarebytes to confirm the threat accurately and then include it in their list so that it can be distributed in the next upload. In other words, from when we find the threat until we are protected from it, it can take several days or even weeks.
My question is, is there a way to quickly block a threat by ourselves without having to wait all this time? I mean, in the same way that we can do an exclusion and have a program or a website not be blocked without having to depend on communicating it to Malwarebytes, how can we do something similar but to block it?


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Hello and thank you for your note.

I'm not entirely convinced the logic works in reverse-- if you are concerned that something is malicious, why wouldn't you simply delete it rather than put it on a private black-list of sorts for Malwarebytes to block? With the way our engine works, I could also see this idea wreaking havoc on systems whose users have good intentions but not great know-how.

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Hi Chris and thanks for your reply.

I mean when you are an administrator of OneView or Nebula Console. If you have 200 endpoints under your control, as is my case, what you need is to block the threat very urgently, since it is very likely that if it has reached one of the computers in your fleet, it will also reach many others and your interest is to protect the rest of those who are not yet infected.

This may be the wrong forum if so please tell me where I can put the post



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