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Malwarebytes software cannot fight spies

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On 3/19/2023 at 8:34 AM, BaoNam said:

Malwarebytes software cannot fight spies.
Spy took over 3000 of my facebook accounts worth more than 1500$. Too disappointed.

That is correct and Malwarebytes' software is not intended deal with spies.  That's the job of federal agencies.

Malwarebytes' software is niche software that does target malware which is a specific kind of spy craft.  That is software that is used for and classed as spyware.  Spyware is a sub-type of trojans but Malwarebytes' software targets a broad spectrum of malware and not just spyware.  An example of malware that is related to spyware is stalkerware.

Malwarebytes' software targets the various and quite varied forms of malware that may reside on a Windows or MAC PC, on an Apple iOS and upon Android based mobile devices.  That is Malwarebytes' particular niche.

Facebook is a web site that exists on the Internet and is external to one's personal computing or corporate computing platforms.

Facebook is supposed to be Peer-2-Peer, Person-2-Grouo or Company-2-Peer and associated social discourse type of site.  Regular individuals or entities don't have 3,000 Facebook accounts.  If one does, then that may be a reason for the mass account owner to become the target of malicious or state based actors.

It is the mass account owner's responsibility to understand the Threat Landscape, have Situational Awareness, secure their account(s) with Strong Passwords in conjunction with Multi-Factor Authentication constructs, employ physical and logical security strategies, understand the threats posed by Social Engineering such as Phishing and implement unique account passwords amongst platforms.


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