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PUP detections even when detection not wanted

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With Malware Bytes Premium V4.5.23;

Under settings / Security I have turned off the two features:

          "Detect Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)" and

          "Detect Potentially Unwanted Modifications (PUMs).

However, Malware Bytes scan and on-access still find and report these programs.  It wants to quarantine each one found.  How can I really turn off these detections?

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20 minutes ago, cayvman said:

It wants to quarantine each one found.

To exclude these items you need to perform a scan (a Threat scan or Hyper scan should do) and then at the end when it shows the list of detections, uncheck any item that you do not want to be removed and click Next.  When prompted on what to do with the remaining unchecked items, select Ignore Always and they will be added to your exclusions and will no longer be detected by future scans.

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34 minutes ago, cayvman said:



It just seems strange to supply options to disable this action and then just ignore them...

I Never allow any PUP to reside on my system so I can not test the option. I personally believe if Malwarebytes calls it a PUP, I will not ever use that product period.

The above being said, Did you choose to warn or ignore in the following setting?




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