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I am trying to install Malwarebytes on my Mac Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68)

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Probably should have been posted to the Malwarebytes for Mac Support Forum, but the same people monitor both, so should be OK here.

There was a problem with the initial versions of Ventura and Real Time Protection, but that has supposedly been solved now and doesn't sound like that's your problem in any case.

You posted after business hours, so expect someone from the staff to get back to you early tomorrow US Mountain or Pacific time.

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18 minutes ago, treed said:

I moved this to the correct forum.

Can you post the exact text of the error message you're seeing?

Thank you but what forum did you move it to? Where do I need to see it?  I am not getting an error message. It simply said installation failed.  

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  • Staff

It was moved to the Malwarebytes for Mac Support Forum, since this isn't a malware removal question. You can also see the forum once you're on this page by looking near the top of the page.

Without more info, we would need to see your install logs. Please follow the instructions at the following link to download our support tool, run it, and attach the file it generates to a direct message to me.


Once I have that information, I can investigate to see what's going on.

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  • Staff

The last thing the tool does before exiting is explain the password and tell you what it is. The password is "M@lwarebytes", and it exists only to prevent e-mail systems or other online storage from potentially blocking the file due to malware, as one of the functions of the data it collects is to identify potential undetected malware on the system. The password prevents the file from being intercepted, unzipped, and scanned in transit.

You do not need to unzip the file in order to share it with me. Simply send the zip file itself. You're free to open the file to look at what it contains before sending, which is why we make sure to provide you with the password.

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  • Staff
  • Solution

It looks like Apple's Installer app was unable to open the Malwarebytes installer package on your system.

We've noticed a number of people on Ventura having this problem, seemingly due to a bug in Ventura relating to Installer not having the needed permissions to open the file. I believe this is what's happening on your machine as well.

Some people have reported success by moving the Malwarebytes installer package file to a different location before installing. If it's in your Downloads folder, try moving it to the desktop.

If that doesn't work, you will probably need to give the "Full Disk Access" permission to the Installer app. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the System Settings app
  2. Click on "Privacy & Security" in the list on the left side of the System Settings window
  3. Click on "Full Disk Access" in the list on the right side of the System Settings window
  4. Click the + button near the bottom of the window to add an item to the Full Disk Access list
  5. You will be prompted for your login password or Touch ID authorization; provide that to continue
  6. An "open" window will appear. To locate the Installer app:
    1. Press command-shift-G
    2. In the search window that opens, paste the following path and press return:
      • /System/Library/CoreServices/Installer.app
  7. With the Installer.app item selected, click the Open button

Once you have done this, you should see Installer added to the list. At this point, you can close System Settings and try to install Malwarebytes again.

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