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Adobe Color Wheel


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Adobe offers a free site dedicated to the color wheel and color rules: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel

(Snip below an example of analogous)


Place your cursor on one of the five circles attached to the center by spokes, then move to see corresponding combinations. (on the site)

Experiment for fun or inspiration-presentations, collages, clothing, home decor, painting, artwork.

Rules and combinations offered are:

  • Analogous
  • Monochromatic
  • Triad
  • Complementary, Split Complimentary, Double Split Complimentary
  • Square
  • Compound
  • Shades
  • Custom


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Today I came across the 120 colors in ArcGIS mapping software: 10 columns 12  rows. The reason I care is that practice assignments call for manipulation of data as we learn functions and create new maps. Currently we are doing a scuba diving map for tourists as well as a shipwreck map in the southern end of the Atlantic Ocean and throughout the Florida Keys.

Each color is labeled by a unique name. As a painter and crafter, I knew most of them already, but was unprepared for the new names this software assigned. I started looking things up and discovered the software developers chose names associated with flowers, precious/semiprecious stones, minerals, trees, animals, planets and geographical features of countries. WOW! Fascinating. How many are unfamiliar to YOU?

I made the chart for efficiency-even though a bit tedious, I learned a lot. And started highlighting how many associations there were to objects on earth and in heaven. Didn't finish the highlighting but it's enough I'm into the nitty gritty at home on the same day as class.

One more thing: People on the West Coast think apples are GREEN.  🍏 People on the East Coast think they are RED. 🍎


ArcGIS Color Chart.jpg

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