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App Version 3.13.073 on Chromebook: Non-Critical Issues

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I have a premium license which covers 3 devices-renewed in early 2023.  I installed the mobile version on a new Acer Spin 512 Chromebook on Friday, 2/24/23. I got as far as I could, but left the two non-critical issues alone. MB is set to scan on every reboot, and it's done that predictably, without issues. At the same time my scan results showed no problems, I got a message to buy the mobile version. That confused me as I already registered and entered the license key. I duplicated the "registration" but wondered why that happened?  Perhaps we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

My Malware database is 2023.02.24.01 and my Phishing database is 2023.02.23.02. I'm happy to see everything is up to date.

My non-critical issues are within the Security Audit which shows "unsecured Android Settings." The setting which requires attention is Device PIN, Pattern or Password to the right on the same line is the word ADD. The next screen shows a cautionary message and beyond that I see a list:

Google Play

Security Update

Find My Device

Credentials Encrypted under this heading are Storage Type, Trusted Credentials, User Credentials, Install a Certificate, Clear Credentials.

I opened User Credentials and was greeted by "no user credential installed." OK. but I don't see or understand where I might do that.


Next up: Background Exclusion Required subheading say "Required to properly start scans, services and alerts." Selecting Set up Background Exclusion results in a pop-up This setting is not supported.

I've read other forum entries with this subject and the fix is not readily apparent to me, instead it appears that it is device specific. If there's nothing to be done, I'm ready to ignore it.

Thanks for bringing me up to speed on this.

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Hi @NewTricks,

The Device PIN, Pattern or Password just means that you don't have a lock screen PIN, Pattern or Password.  You can ignore of set the lock screen PIN, Pattern or Password in Settings>Security.  The Background Exclusion Required is to set Battery Optimization to Disabled.  But if the Chromebook doesn't have Battery Optimization in settings, you can just ignore this.

As far as premium, let's first verify you have Malwarebytes Premium

To verify you have Malwarebytes Premium on Android:

  1. Open Malwarebytes.
  2. Tap the menu icon.
  3. Scroll down to General.
  4. Tap Premium features.
  5. Look for a Your Premium subscription is active!
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Good morning @mbam_mtbr

Thanks for the reply.  I see Your Premium subscription is active.  

I searched in settings for battery optimization, with no results. Regarding the lock screen PIN, pattern or password, apparently this device does not have those settings either. So, I am thinking that Mobile Malwarebytes is configured for every possible configuration and when a device doesn't have any of those options, it's fine to just ignore those and move on. 

This leaves the question of why would my device suddenly be unrecognized after 2 days of use? Do you think this was a random event with no explanation? I'm starting to learn that many small errors fall into this category. 



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