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Inability to disable malwarebytes

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I understand the reasoning for the inability to disable malwarebytes as a form of protection to an extent. At the same time I feel there should still be a way to do so. There are instances for the need to temporarily disable it. As I researched a solution to the Error 5:Access Denied in services.msc as well as Unable to terminate process, access denied in Task Manager, the only solution and exaggerated explanation was to Quit from the Tray App. It stated quitting would kill ALL process related to Malwarebytes however that's not true. It only kills SOME of the processes and the ones left still running are the ones impossible to disable. The ONLY TRUE solution I've found is to uninstall then reinstall and quite frankly that's not exactly what I call convenient. Malwarebytes has a pretty good reputation for the most part, it's a shame a program of this magnitude hasn't created a simple solution for such a common issue. Just Google it once and you'll see just how common this issue is. I wonder how many people have stopped using this program due to the lack of a simple solution? 

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5 minutes ago, rwest1978 said:

At the same time I feel there should still be a way to do so.

You have 2 choices. Toggle all 4 of the protections off or right-click the system tray icon and choose "Quit Malwarebytes"

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