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question about Verizon phones stealthly communicating with Verizon shops

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I realize this has nothing to to with Malwarebytes, but I thought someone might be able to clarify something. I hear that Verizon phones receive advertisements from given Verizon shops when the phone is near or inside a shop. My Verizon phone made a strange sound when I approached a Verizon shop. I had bluetooth turned off, cell service turned off but wifi turned on. On "wifi settings" I didn't notice anything connecting to my phone. All available wifi required password. I am convinced that there is something in my Verizon phone that causes it to stealthly communicate when near a Verizon shop. When I got this phone (used LG android 5.1.1) the camera didn't work. If I tried to use the camera, it would say "camera error, unfortunately camera has stopped". I tried force stopping and clearing all the caches, and even doing a master phone reset, with no success to get the camera working. But if I go near or into a Verizon shop for a few minutes and then reboot the phone, the camera will work again, usually for a few days, or weeks or even months, and then I get camera error again, and then I go near or into a Verizon shop (can be after business hours) to again get the camera working.  I can't do any updates on this phone because it is too old, says "no updates available".  The Verizon shop clerks know nothing about why this camera situation happens, so this is why I am asking here. 

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