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Multiple RegAsm.exe pings to rec.casacam.net overnight

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  • Root Admin

The computer is currently running tools designed to steal software from Microsoft. Windows Defender is alerting on them and trying to remove them.

We can run a Farbar clean up script to help Windows Defender remove them.

The system also has a lot of unknown drivers listed. We can manually remove those too if you want, but I'd suggest you manually verify from Safe Mode if these file truly exist or not. They don't list vendor information which is not normal.


S1 agybcjbo; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\agybcjbo.sys [X]
S1 aplusjyk; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\aplusjyk.sys [X]
S1 cadsnvuh; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\cadsnvuh.sys [X]
S1 cvgsqrkr; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\cvgsqrkr.sys [X]
S1 ezyknbve; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ezyknbve.sys [X]
S1 ftjktwvt; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ftjktwvt.sys [X]
S1 guzucqyi; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\guzucqyi.sys [X]
S1 icjrylhn; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\icjrylhn.sys [X]
S1 iiurdomv; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\iiurdomv.sys [X]
S1 iwmitpva; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\iwmitpva.sys [X]
S1 jksgvmmk; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\jksgvmmk.sys [X]
S1 kjxieomm; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\kjxieomm.sys [X]
S1 kxcblwhx; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\kxcblwhx.sys [X]
S1 kxfazsto; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\kxfazsto.sys [X]
S1 lkgqjvzn; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\lkgqjvzn.sys [X]
S1 mfscjfsz; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mfscjfsz.sys [X]
S1 mmnqylnq; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mmnqylnq.sys [X]
S1 pubgmero; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\pubgmero.sys [X]
S1 qzepbsrg; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\qzepbsrg.sys [X]
S1 qzlmnjqs; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\qzlmnjqs.sys [X]
S1 rbphwocw; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\rbphwocw.sys [X]
S1 rgoaobvw; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\rgoaobvw.sys [X]
S1 sarxbtfg; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\sarxbtfg.sys [X]
S1 sygqecxw; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\sygqecxw.sys [X]
S1 tbljwric; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\tbljwric.sys [X]
S1 tmydhfua; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\tmydhfua.sys [X]
S1 udlnqpsj; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\udlnqpsj.sys [X]
S1 uembimmk; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\uembimmk.sys [X]
S1 uvchmccs; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\uvchmccs.sys [X]
S1 wpxyhwiz; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\wpxyhwiz.sys [X]
S1 xcmvsiuf; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\xcmvsiuf.sys [X]
S1 ydymuzah; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ydymuzah.sys [X]
S1 yoruvgvc; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\yoruvgvc.sys [X]
S1 yswplcnf; \??\C:\Windows\system32\drivers\yswplcnf.sys [X]



If you'd like us to create the clean up script to run, please let us know.


Thank you


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