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CoolSoft False Positives


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Yesterday, Malwarebytes started flagging MidiMapper 1.0.0 from CoolSoft as malware. I have been using this software literally for years with absolutely no issues. I am confident that it is not malware. When I initially tried to go to the CoolSoft web site to see what was going on, the Malwarebytes browser plugin also tried to block the site (which I overrode). It seems clear to me that some part of your new AI/ML algorithm is incorrectly flagging software from this solo, long-established developer.

And I am not happy that I am unable to tell the desktop app to ignore what I know is a false positive, and that I have to deal with the false positive every single day, since the report won't go away and I won't quarantine something that works properly. Perhaps you should give your users the power to override your incorrect algorithm?

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Thanks for fixing the browser plugin.

How do I find the detection log so I can post it? (Note that, in looking for it, I found the "allow list" in the detection history, so I can presumably get rid of the ongoing warning by adding the file here.)

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Maybe there was a misunderstanding here. I also thought that you said that the file was detected with the Malwarebytes client :)

If that's the case, just download the file, have it scan with Malwarebytes and if it's detected, you'll see the results and then you will be able to export the log from those results. If it's only the browser plugin detecting (which is not the client), then this will get fixed :)

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