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Windows 11 = no systray icon?


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Latest installer for EDR from Nebula, Windows 11 Pro on workstation.   There seems to be sporadic cases where although the app is installed, there is no entry in the start menu and no system tray icon.  The endpoint is resident on the dashboard, however.   Is this a known issue perhaps?    One thing may be relevant - these are replacement machines, so the licenses are temporarily over-provisioned until the devices going aware are deleted from the dashboard.

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@HCHTech a few things come to mind here. When you 1st install the agent on an endpoint it will put the endpoint in the Default Group using the Default Policy.  If the other endpoints where you are not seeing this behavior are in another group using a policy other than the default policy this could be a policy configuration. 

Here is a screenshot of where in the policy to check the settings.



Here is the link on where to look for the settings - https://service.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413802475027-Configure-Endpoint-agent-settings-in-Nebula


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You may be right.  I am pretty sure I have the correct policy set as the default for that site, so any workstations that get into the default group should have the correct policy even if I forgot to move them into the right group.  For sites with servers, I typically define both a Servers and Workstations group, and apply separate "ClientName_Server" and "ClientName_Workstation" policies assigned to those groups respectively.   Additionally, I like to assign the "Workstation" policy to the Default group because new workstations get added way more often than new servers.

Admittedly, it has always been confusing to me the differences between global and local policies, so maybe I'm just doing it wrong.   I typically create my policies from the main Nebula console, before the individual site is even created (because that way I can clone from another client policy, which saves time).  Then, when I create the site, I choose the now-existing policy as needed.   For sites with no servers, there is typically only the default group, so I assign the client policy to that group.    For sites with servers, I do as stated above.  I assign the workstation policy to both the default group and the workstation group.   Then I assign the server policy to the server group.

In any event, I did find a couple of workstations that were still in the default group for the most-recent client where I found the problem of the missing tray icon.   So, I moved them into the workstation group, but in fact, both the default and workstation groups use the same policy which has the checkbox to display the systray icon.   I'll check after-hours today to see if the icons now display.

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