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Data Breaches.

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Hello @MPeterson


Breaches are a REAL problem.  I know, I have been in way too many. [ Adobe, Yahoo, Wawa, Wegmans, Mellon Bank, Equifax, Lead Hunter. River City Media Spam List, SC Daily Phone Spam List, Evite, Verifications.io ...... ]

The site that @AdvancedSetup provided you provides a way to find out if your email addresses have been found associated with a breach.  When you enter a given email address it provides information on any sites that had been breached where that given email address was associated with.  You can also request that said email address be notified if it is associated with any new breaches.

California probably leads the US in laws concerning data breach notification.  That is if YOU were associated with a breach that the affected person be notified within a given time space.  This has not always been true.  Some waited many, many, months or even years to make a notification.

In such cases as the Equifax breach, there was a settlement after many years of litigation.  I was affected, as well as many others in that breach.  My compensation, a check for $5.21 !   angry2.gif.c330a09a5783a7df88300fcc9e13aab5.gif

The situation is getting worse, not better.  Too many businesses use other businesses that share your Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  Any one of them can be;  hacked, the target of Ransomware or suffer the Insider Threat.  For economic and self serving reasons they may not disclose this in a timely fashion.  They may even choose to lie or fail to disclose such events.  The more companies that "share" your data the likelihood of that data being compromised in a breach is greatly increased.

One target not discussed enough is your medical records.  Doctors have moved some services online.  Many use the Epic MyChart.  I went to a Ear Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) and I wanted to get copies of some of my results.  They sent me to a third party company and to access MY DATA I had to agree to THEIR Authorized Use Policy and Terms of Service (AUP/ToS).  Who are they to tell me I had to agree to their terms to access my medical information and I had not given the ENT permission to share the data in the first place.  This what we, the public, is faced with.  Companies that don't care about your privacy and individuals that willy nilly give it away and companies that that use an unknown number of entities that have your information any of which can be a source of Data Harvesting in a Breach Event.

There isn't a lot we can do.

A few suggestions off the top of my head...

  • Limit companies and organizations with their compilation of your PII.
  • Provide companies and organizations a Right of Privacy and Opt-Out Notification that lays out what can be shared and requiring written permission as well as breach notification and a statement of their liability and indemnity.
  • Shred no longer needed/old documents
  • Don't agree to sharing your medical data through apps.
  • Don't use Single Sign-On (SSO).  Such as allowing a third party web site to use your Google account to authenticate at that third party site.


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Bring back the quill pen, and parchment🙄

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all of the advice and explanation. Not that I understood much of it. That is why I am so safety conscious. My details only go to necessary companies. For all else, I use made up names etc.

I am registered with my Doctor online. Your comment about that, really surprised me. I never imagined . . . . or, does it mean companies asking me for permission to view my medical data.

For years, I have shredded documents/envelopes which have contained my details.

Thank you again for your help, David.



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