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Laptop Nvidia Graphics Card not detecting in Windows 10 or 11!!


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I've recently come across an issue where my Nvidia GTX 1650Ti Laptop Graphics card is not detecting on my windows. The problem started with my windows freezing and crashing with the blue screen of death error. After restarting, the same thing happened again after some time and then I realised that my display is running on the integrated AMD Radeon Graphics and not the Nvidia Graphics Card as it should.

I have already tried the following methods, but nothing worked:-

1. Scanned for viruses, malware etc. 

2. Disable/Enabled and Uninstalled/Reinstalled the Graphics Card drivers. (Both through Nvidia Experience and Manually)

3. Formatted the whole PC multiple times with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

4. Opened the back cover and cleaned/dusted the fans of my laptop.

Even after all this, my Graphics card doesn't seem to get detected on my PC. I have a feeling that it might be a Hardware Issue and that my graphics card might be dead becuz of overheating or something.

I have attached my Laptop specs that I exported from CPU-Z. (Notice that Nvidia GTX 1650Ti doesn't show up anywhere in the specs). The Laptop is just 1.5 Year old. Bought somewhere around August 2021.

I hope someone can help me with this. I just need someone to validate my suspicions that it is indeed a hardware problem. So that I know for sure I'll need to spend money to get it fixed properly.

Thank you.

PC Specs.txt

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  • Root Admin

It does show the following

Description            VGA Controller
Location            bus 1 (0x01), device 0 (0x00), function 0 (0x00)
Common header
    Vendor ID        0x10DE (NVIDIA)
    Model ID        0x1F95
    Revision ID        0xA1
    PI            0x00
    SubClass        0x00
    BaseClass        0x03
    Cache Line        0x10
    Latency            0x00
    Header            0x80


Have you installed the Chipset drivers for the computer?


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Thank you for replying back.

Yes I have installed the chipset drivers. It installed with the Windows Update and I even manually installed the latest drivers from the Nvidia website.

The VGA Controller that shows is the only thing related to Nvidia. Although that is not the actual display driver. Just like AMD Radeon, even Nvidia used to come under Display Adapter 1 before it went bad. Now only the Radeon Graphics show as Display Adapter 0.

I have attached my Device Manager screenshot as well. As u can see, the driver is there, but it's not being recognised. No matter how many times I enable/disable it or reinstall it, it stays the same.


When I disable the Radeon drivers, the screen blinks for a second (which is normal behaviour). Enabling it again does the same thing. 

But when I do the same for Nvidia drivers, they just enable/disable without anything affecting the screen itself. (No blinking)



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  • Root Admin

It may be that the hardware component of the video card that drives the standalone video chip has gone bad?

Perhaps visiting the NVidia Support forums someone with much more experience can offer further testing ideas.


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