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Alphamountain.ai false positive tyranny and death by censorship


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Today I went to my website on a mobile and both google and chrome now block COMPLETELY BLOCK AND CENSOR

the website we created store our important information.  https://iforgot.info has NO MALWARE and AS SEEN by the view source 

SENDS only encrypted data to our database . The only unencrypted data sent is the vault name..  The pass never gets sent

and even with full access to the database we only have access to encyrpted data which we can not decode.

This site we created was for friends and family and we were not planning on publishing it however it won't even work for them thanks to this 


Censorship IS CAUSING DEATHS.. I have a close friend who died recently days after taking the jab who was in perfect health.  AFter digging around I find thousands of people in the same boat and almost eveyrone I know knows somebody in very bad health or dead from it..  But when you find out WHY THEY TOOK IT?

It boils down to WARNINGS BEING CENSORED!  They never were able to get the information that ran counter to the 'offcial narrative' This means CENSORSHIP AND BLOCKING which is now out of control is literally responsible for KILLING PEOPLE.

Now on my particular website it will be responsible for people unable to use the service and invariably loosing their important information. 

I think rather than us PROOVING WE ARE INNOCENT it is time to start bringing lawsuits for LIBEL against these FALSE POSITIVE red pages of censorship.

The world we are now building for our children is a literal SLAVE PLANET. thanks to people claiming to be for 'security' they are doing the work of satan and destroying every bit of freedom we have.

I ask Jesus To bring judgement on those who want to play god and who destroy our god given rights.


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