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complain at a high level :-)


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I installed Version and l really like what I see (after using Bitdefender and Malwarebytes 4.x for a while).




Maybe it would be little bit more "easy" if you can get a mouse reaction in the yellow field (i made it look yellow). What I mean is, use the whole space for a mouse click reaction.

People might click on it and nothing happens... but the cursor reacts the same, like above and below the yellow field.


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i made it look yellow
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I'm still on version is this update being rolled out in a "phased" manner? either that the program may not be upgrading users properly can staff please confirm with a link what the latest version we can download is? 

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7 hours ago, Firefox said:

@H4V0C can you confirm it the preview version is supposed to update automatically? I re-downloaded from the link you supplied and it does seem the download link is indeed downloading a newer version.

Do we install manually the new version or wait till it updates?

This is what i'd like to know as well. I have the application set on downloading new beta versions but i know sometimes it's recommended to uninstall and do a clean install. 

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10 minutes ago, brad03 said:

Also could staff post the link to the updated version so testers can download it? 

I just downloaded the newer version from the private message they sent us originally and it downloaded a new version which brought up another issues I will post in a new topic

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