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Malwarebytes Digital Signature question

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I have recently downloaded Malwarebytes, and I wondered about how I could be sure that the .exe installer is the legit one. On this forum I read that checking the digital signature is a way to do that. 

However, in all honesty, I have no idea what I'm looking at when I right click on the .exe file and go to Digital Signatures. I'm talking about version 4.5.18 .exe setup file. I see two signatures, one is by "Malwarebytes Inc." and the other is "Malwarebytes Inc" (without the dot at the end). 

Could anyone please confirm this is how it's supposed to be. Here's a screenshot of what I was describing:


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  • Root Admin

You're looking at the digital signature right there in the images you posted. A fake program cannot have a tab with a digital signature.

This is the link to our official installer

MB4 Online Installer


Thank you


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Any file can be named anything.  A legitimate installer can be supplied by participating vendors and may have a different name.  What makes a "legitimate" installer are two constructs.  The Checksum value of the EXE file and the Digital Signature (Publishing Certificate).  If I take MBSetup.exe and obtain its Checksum.  Such as its SHA-256 value of;  057ac0f95e80abc5c73d9aefbc4e5e1bb778c2c154bf65c35435a34cdaf3da94


and I rename MBSetup.exe to Lipman.EXE, the Digital Signature and the Checksum value does not change.

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