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Apple Silicon or Universal version coming soon?

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I would have thought this question had been asked enough time to warrant a pinned thread, but either my search-foo is weak today, or it isn't being discussed on the board. So, I'll ask it here.

Are you working on porting MWB to an Apple Silicon or Universal app? If so, can you provide a timeframe for public beta testing and a target release date?

I apologize for wasting electrons if this is already on the board, but I couldn't find it.


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Malwarebytes never projects a timeframe for future features. I believe the question was asked several months ago, but since Malwarebytes for Mac seems to be running just fine for Apple Silicon owners, it hasn't come up recently.

I know that work on a universal version of any app is a low priority with all developers, in that after the first run of every new version, Rosetta 2 provides the necessary translation for Apple Silicon, so the app should subsequently run as efficiently as if it were a universal app.

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5 hours ago, treed said:

We have actually supported M1 since May of last year, with the release of Malwarebytes for Mac 4.9.7 as a universal app. Make sure you have the latest version of the software. If you're using an older installer, download the current one here:


My mistake! I was looking at MBST-Mac and mistaking it for Malwarebytes itself! Alright, people, move along. Nothing to see here! 😊

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