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I'm Infected (Please Assist)

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I have attached the two files.

I can't find the Malwarebytes Threat Scan logs, but I've run it many times. I've reformatted the entire computer as well. But still overnight I get a warning from google that malware on my PC is trying to connect to my gmail.

I've attached the links to where I believe the virus originated in another thread.

Addition.txt FRST.txt

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When you say you reformatted the entire drive. The logs don't seem to fuly indicate that. You have files and program entries that make it appear it was not a clean install.

What log or screenshot or program is telling you that you're infected?

Have you cleaned up Google Chrome?

Please clean up Google Chrome and let me know if that helps


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Sadly, there is nothing telling me I'm infected.

I know that I was fooled, clicked on the wrong program, I provided the links to those in another thread.

Then, the hacker accessed my Aweber account, and took over my telegram account, started promoting crypto scams to my audience.


I did a Windows Reformat, maybe it wasn't a full reformat, I'm not sure it's been many years since I've done this.

But even after that reformat, around 6am in the morning I had another attempt to login to my gmail from my computer when I wasn't even awake.

At this point, I'm quite scared to log into any of my accounts, and I disable my internet whenever I don't need it.


I'm confident there's something on my computer.

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  • Solution

Have you cleaned Google Chrome?

If you're really having an ongoing issue then I'd start over.


1. Ask your ISP to check your router. Let them know you're concerned it may have been compromised. Let them decide how to assist you for that piece.

2. After your ISP has assisted you with your router, then do a CLEAN install of Windows. That means back up ONLY personal private data. Then FDISK, FORMAT and reinstall Windows


Greg Carmack - MVP 2010-2020 -Clean Install Windows 10

How to Create a Local Account While Setting Up Windows 10


3. Create a NEW Email address and stop using your old one. Save only important emails needed.

Review your email and Office choices

Quit Gmail for free encrypted email - Tutanota
Why ProtonMail Is More Secure Than Gmail
LibreOffice - Free and open source office suite


4. Change your email on your phone as well. Scan your phone with a couple of different scanners. If it's an Android phone consider possibly doing a factory reset.


Change all password from a known clean computer and only use a Password Manager to store your passwords. Do not store them in your Browser. Change to Firefox browser and use Google Chrome as little as possible.


Review the following to help keep the system clean



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I just cleaned Chrome, I will see if that resolves the issue.

If any weird activity persists, I'll continue to the next steps.


I hope that you will also add the files I provided in the separate thread to MB, as thousands of my followers were also compromised during all of this, and I'm really worried about them.

Thanks for all of your assistance, and patience.

Much love.

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Glad we could help.

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This applies only to the originator of this thread. Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread.

Please review the following to help you better protect your computer and privacy Tips to help protect from infection

Thank you



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