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Red Shield with a White X Titled "Ask You" Is Posting Notifications on MAC

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In a list of software programs allowed to post notifications on my husbands iMac, at the top, is a program with a red shield and white X that send weird notifications on his desktop.

Underneath the red shield, it says "Confirm that you are not a robot you need click Allow". What is this?  How can we get rid of it?


Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 1.29.29 PM.png

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An app with the name "ask you" is pretty suspicious to start with, and the fact that the message says to "confirm that you're not a robot" when that is absolutely NOT what this is for makes it almost certain this is not something you want on your system. I have not seen such a thing before, though.

I'd like to get more information from your system. Please follow the instructions here to download the Malwarebytes Support Tool and use it to gather data:


It will create a file on the desktop called MWB_Info.zip. Please send that to me via direct message. (You can click on my name or profile picture at left and then click the Message button to send me a direct message.)

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I just had this very issue, it's caused by a malicous website having been approved to send notifications through Safari, this fixes it:

Open Safari, go to Settings->Websites->Notifications. Check the list of approved websites and remove it from the list. Mine had the system preferences logo and no title in this list. Once removed the notifications will stop.

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