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Blacklisted 78.159.*.* & 84.16.*.* & 89.149.*.* & 95.168.*.*

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B) Well well well, what happened here. I've been using malwarebytes forever now and i love your software to bits (seriously every last 0010010101 :) ) but something has gone seriously wrong with this IP Protection thing. it seems that ALL the companys IP's i work for have been blacklisted for some reason. the ironic thing is in the [iNFO] IP Protection thread it says;

What does IP Protection do?

IP Protection provides an additional layer of security for your computer, by preventing access to known malicious IP addresses and IP ranges, for example, NetDirekt, which is host to the Internet Service Team.


We choose Netdirekt as our server supplier, and i have noticed that even some parts of netdirekt is blocked, like there control panel https://kunden.netdirekt.de

i have attached the log to this thread so we can see how to go about unblocking all of these, my other IP's work fine its just the original ones. PLEASE get back to me as soon as possible on the issue, if an admin needs my email please PM me and i will give it to you. this needs to be sorted out ASAP!


-Tyson Dodge

CSO & Technical Support

Dynaceron, LLC



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InternetServiceTeam.com is a domain used by netdirekt, and that was their default domain for PTR records, and many customers who get the servers (who use them for illegal activity) did not change the PTR. now they have recently removed the use of internetserviceteam.com and now switched all ips PTR to ip.local (so x.x.x.x.local)

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Apologies for the delay in responding, and thanks for the update. However, there is still far too much malicious activity across their network.

Please see;



The last contact I had from them, was their comment on the blog. Lists have been sent since then, with absolutely no response.

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