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command line parameters for mbam.exe

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1 minute ago, brigachtal said:

Do you think Malwarebytes for teams is what im looking for ?

No, Teams is the same as the consumer version with some added support priority and some extra reporting. It is for small business with 20 or less endpoints. It is meant to be stand alone and controlled by the end users just like the non teams consumer version.

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To make an update for example from Version 4.5.16 to 4.5.17 you need administrator rights on the computer to install the new version.

But i dont want to to work with adminstrative rights and my intension was to make a scheduled daily task in the context of an user with administrative rights with

a command like mbam.exe /silent /update.


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thank you for the response "it runs as a service and has access to updates even if no one ever logs in".

But not in my environment on all of my Computers i have the same problem. Updates to a new version of Malwarebytes are never performed automatically as background task.
You can see, the malwarebyte Service is set to automatic und runs.  Unfortunately, I only have hardcopys of the German version of Malwarebytes, but it should not be a problem to map it to the English version.


The parameter for updates inside of Malwarebytes is set to automatic download and install.


If there is a new version of Malwarebytes I get one of the following two popup windows, that informs me, that there is an update to a new version.



If i click install or yes and i am a user with administrative rights on the computer everything is perfect, the update installs. But if i am user with normal user rights i see the following message.


kind regards


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  • 3 weeks later...

This was the solution

- Deinstallation of Malwarebytes
- Delete the Malwarebytes directory under the programm directory
- New installation of Malwarebytes

After these steps everything worked fine,
- the Non-Admin Users can now manual initiate a update without the Popup Window "...You do not have sufficient permissions..."
- furthermore the Malwarebyte service updates the Malwarebytes version automatic

kind regards


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