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Google Gone Wild! Why?

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So maybe I should have just come here a long time ago instead of ensuring the most disastrous year on record.  But anyway - I have had google problems for over a year.  Strange devices logged in to account (android device or unknown device).  I've had phones burn my ear.  I've had networks reroute my wifi.  I've had pro antivirus software installed and reinstalled and doesn't take long for Accessibility menu to tell me "this app is malfunctioning".  


I've had IOS but that just got wierd too.  I've had strange apps appear - for example "Games(clone)".  Didn't even have the original let alone did I clone it.  I get forced system updates upon phone startup where a whole heap of google apps are installed and updated.  

I've got recovery logs from 3 months before I even bought the device (our of date order mins you: 11 Oct, 19 Jun, 8 Oct.. etc etc.  

In the 19 Jun last log there appears to be a mounted system set up.  Appears to be on a partition and all my files now get saved to emulated storage as a default.  My phone has no storage left despite barely using it.

WeChat original download was 124mb yet after multiple "expansion packs" being downloaded the file is about 1.4gb.  WhatsApp is a little smaller but still strange given I've only had about 10 conversations since downloading it.  

I get random messages on occasion that go nowhere.  All my google apps are about 500mb+.

I've put knives through about 15-20 phones, a laptop, an android smart projector, and discarded about 50 phone numbers. 

I've cut ties with almost everyone I know.  Spent 5 months in the psych ward.  Misdiagnosed with bipolar mood disorder.  Heavily medicated on unneeded antipsychotic medications.  Lost my girlfriend, all my friends, and my family has been torn apart.

An ex close friend had test flight on her phone and told me it was a smart light application.  Another person lived with me for 8 weeks or so and showed up with new portable phone chargers and cables everyday.  He had a strange obsession with my Dyson v15 vacuum cleaner and stole my Nano-leaf smart lights and always left USB chargeable devices (vapes and electric lighters etc) around the house.  

Battery drain is wild and I've used charger voltage testers and often get a negative read.  

Google two factor authentication is a joke as when I set it up as phone number 'call' it also sets up a 'default' unchangeable 2fa for phone prompts.  If I try to Manage Google Account I generally have to log in 2-3 times before I can get anywhere - then I need to log in again if I want to get somewhere else.  

Have not rooted the device.  The device is a ZTE p545 which costs less than $100 bound to Optus and I like it because I can remove the battery if I want to feel safe.  Whenever I go off grid for a while I get people come out of the blue and send me a message.  

I've factory reset the device like 10 times and still ongoing.  I've owned latest model iPhones and Oppos with latest iOS and Android systems installed.  I've tried setting up brand new phones on the train using 4g.  No matter what I try they still manage to get me somehow.   It's scary as hell and I think at this stage I need:

1. Some confirmation that all this actually means something and I am not crazy; and 

2. Any way to figure out who it is that's doing this.  Until I can get that far they remain a ghost and unstoppable.  

Attached is a video/screenshots of some wierd stuff.  

Please help - Ive been saying all along this is real but I just can't prove it.  The police treated me with complete disrespect and said they need an expert certificate or something before they could even investigate.  Absolute joke.

Oh, and I've had people follow me around before.  Most notably when my phone's 'nearby share' function was permanently set to 'always available to share' instead of 'hidden'.  I had to Oppos at the time and after returning them to the supplier and having to show them that this was not a 'standard' function by comparing them to the demo models on display, they gave me a refund.  

Oh, I have a random profig.os file hidden on the phone.  When I use a text viewer the read it there appears to be some sort of key or maybe a uuid.  

I dunno - it's been a long year and there's about 100 more things I can say but that's a good start.  Certainly taught myself a lot about malware and spyware and Trojans and OTA and booth tooth and NFC and everything else my phone's can do.  But I think it's time to reach out and see if anyone who actually knows about this stuff can weigh in on the situation. 

Many thanks!


P.S Apple are a bunch of tossers for intercepting me out front of their store and looking me in the eyes and telling me "Apple doesn't get Spyware" - that's was before I went to the psych ward and they greatly contributed to my admission.  This was, as I now know, about the time of the media frenzy on Pegasus.  

Whoever is doing this is powerful!  They have resources!  And they are malevalent!  If they really had access to my camera and microphone and all they would have seen me try to commit suicide on several and more occasions.  Yet they kept going.  It continues to this day and I just want answers.

P.S.S I've added the photos after writing.  If you don't understand the relevance of any just let me know.















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